Create's Medically Supervised Outpatient Program seeks to address each phase of a patient's treatment.New Employees 3/15/2019, create 73 Lenox location open FOR full service 1/5/2018, create 73 Lenox location closed DUE TO inclement weather 1/4/2018, change in Hours of Operation for mondays 3/27/2017, change in Hours of Operations for fridays 3/24/2017, more News.Choose a type of puzzle from the list below and make your own puzzle online for classroom or home use.

We provide a host of substance abuse, mental health services and housing services to help serve the Harlem Community.Case Management involves a coordinated treatment plan for those with substance abuse, medical, social or housing issues led by our nadap representative.

The Medically Supervised Outpatient Program identifies each participant's needs, and is based on a holistic approach that follows a medical model to evaluate, assess and develop a treatment plan, agreed upon by the participant, primary counselor and Multidisciplinary professionals.Try a Pre-Made Puzzle.As a clinical team, we focus on each participant's level of care, which includes many components: medical and mental health, educational and vocational status, and suitable housing.